Microfin360 – A Social Business Platform

Microfin360 is a Micro Credit Management Software specially developed for the Microfinance Institutes, NGO’s, Cooperative Societies or any financial organizations works on equal monthly installment business. This platform automates their regular business work-flow that supports employee management, beneficiary admission, account opening, loan/savings/insurance schedule management, batch collection, automated back office voucher entry, more than 150 parameterized reports and business intelligence dashboard.

Microfin360 is the most widely used microfinance business automation software. Originated from the home of microfinance – Bangladesh, currently 120+ Microfinance Institutes and Cooperative Societies all over the world consist of in total 5200+ branch locations. Having a vast experience in implementing Microfin360 in different geo-locations in the world, Microfin360 embeds with a rich set of good practiced features and reports that improves the operational excellence for any organizations.

Organizations using Microfin360 enjoy all the benefits of storing their data online that is automatically back up in multiple physical locations, protected with SSL encryption and secured from intruders with multi-factor authentication. Microfin360 provides the latest full technology stack to prevent and deal with hardware failures & security threats. Being online also prevents the main cause of data loss: physical theft of hardware, office break-ins or unexpected disasters.

In Microfinance industry there is no room for downtime, technical or any other application related issues that could lead to major losses and/or distractions to regular core business. Thus it is absolutely necessary to have 24 hour support service to keep the business running. We make sure that clients get support on anything they need, whenever they need.

1. Well trained Business Support Specialists with vast knowledge in business domain monitor real time client side activities.

2. Each client is dealt by a dedicated Specialist to provide application, technical or even business related supports for our entire portfolio of solutions.

3. Our professional Support Specialist Team is dedicated to address the challenges to implement automation in business, find ways to mitigate business or IT operation risk.

4. On/off-site training is offered to educate our clients on solution with standard training materials.

5. FAQ, Online training manual embedded with application to help our clients a way out whenever they stuck.

Web-based integrated operation, financial accounts & human resource management modules

  • Separate mobile application handle for beneficiary, field agent and management personnel

  • No need to invest on costly data centers. The entire application is hosted in our lightening first and secure data center

  • Reduce operational effort by 200%

  • Improve overall organizational efficiency and profitability

  • Easy and faster migration process with fail-over mechanism

  • Dash-board driven information of MFI and all its branches

  • Track financial transactions and create reports for management,donors, and regulators

  • Establish transparency and good governess

  • More than 150 parameterized daily, weekly, monthly and date range wise reports and registers

  • Low bandwidth friendly

Microfin360 – Key Features

Major Features – In general
  • Workflow driven Web-based application

  • Dashboard driven solution

  • Customizable for local practices

  • Lightweight, robust and offline based android application
    • i) Management Level
    • ii) Field/Program organizer level

  • Integrated modules
    • i) Management Information System
    • ii) Financial Information System
    • iii) Human Resource & Payroll

  • Credit Scoring / Member Assessment

  • Track financial transactions and create reports for management,donors, and regulatorsQuick decision making tool- Top Management / Branch Level

  • Optimized & scalable architecture

  • Customizable loan repayment schedule

  • Low bandwidth friendly

  • Hundreds of parameterized reports/registers

  • Report drill-down & drill-through capabilities

  • Make reporting interconnected, easy to verify

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Fast report generation from summary data

  • Funding Organization & Regulatory Authority Compliant reports

  • Auditing

  • Integrated SMS notification system

  • Centralized audit trails
Major Features – India Perspective
  • Integration with Aadhar & Credit bureau authority

  • Loan proposal validation and verification through Highmark

  • Group wise loan proposal system

  • Customization of Member KYC form:
    • i) Identity proof, Address proof, Caste, Pin code, Bank A/C, IFSC Code etc.
  • Effortless data migration system – Existing database/ Excel to MF360 database

  • Groups’ location identification through geographical map.

  • Field Officers’ movement tracking

  • Microfinance vocabulary as per Indian context

  • RBI compliance reports and features

  • Customized mobile app according to the Indian context.

  • loan disbursement Integration system with NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), etc.

Microfin360 Mobile Notification Service

Alert Service for Management

1. Organization’s Overall Status Savings Deposit & Refund, Current Savings Balance, Today's Loan Collection, Current Out standing, Cash in Hand, Cash at Bank, Today's Due, Total Due etc.

2. Branch Performance Status Highest Recovery Branch (%), Highest Disbursement Branch, Highest Due Branch, Highest Cash in Hand Branch, Highest Cash at Bank Branch etc.

Alert Services for Beneficiary

1. Loan Proposal Confirmation/Approval to Members Loan Product, Approved Loan Amount, Disbursement Date, etc.

2. Loan Disburse Notification to Members Product, Loan Cycle, Loan Amount, Installment Amount, First Repay Date, etc.

3. Loan Installment Confirmation to Members Product, Loan Cycle, Date, Paid Amount, Outstanding, Due, etc.

4. Savings Deposit Confirmation to Members Product, Date, Savings Deposit Amount, Current Balance, etc.

5. Due Notification Alert to Members Product, Loan Cycle, Last Payment Date, Total Due, Number of Due Days, etc.

6. Loan Installment Reminder to Members Product, Loan Cycle, Next Payment Date, Next Repayment Amount, etc.