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You don’t need to believe our words.
How about theirs?

Prof. Md. Arshad Alam, Principal
Prof. Md. Arshad Alam, Principal

South Malda College


RENU SB Creation Software Pvt. Ltd. (RSBC) has been providing software solutions services to us over a year and half now and have managed the applications effectively based on agreed SLAs. They have built our website, ERP software and mobile app seamlessly and have dedicatedly resolved issues affecting the daily workings of the college and handled smooth working of the college ERP without much downtime or obstructions. RSBC has developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flow over time and found a way to profitably be a counterpart to our operations without causing any disruptions.

Debasish Biswas, Chief Managing Director
Debasish Biswas, Chief Managing Director

Cancun Groups


Given the current real estate scenario in Bengal, Mr. Bbiswajit Biswas and his team have played a pivotal role in making our website from scratch. Their knowledge of the area and their approach to client servicing were just two of the reasons we chose to list with them and we were definitely not disappointed. A huge thank you to you and the team for your effort and dedication.


Company Work Process

Our effective project management and well-organized communication are the cornerstones of your success here at Renu SB Creation Software pvt. Ltd.
To produce the greatest results and faultless performance, this is where our creative and development team plays dedicated role to achieve your goals.
To increase productivity and deliver the best outcome, We plan to execute any project hence we go through this work process.

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