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Digital Examination Service


Digital Exam Software Core Modules


  • Online Registration of Applications
  • Screening & Verification of Applications
  • Centre Allocation to Candidates
  • Admit-Card generation
  • Question Setting


  • Centre Readiness
  • Verification
  • Invigilation
  • Test Delivery


  • Question Analysis
  • Challenge Window
  • Score Card & Result
  • RTI & Audit Trails & Reporting

Benifits of Digital Exam Software

  • Centralized database
  • Easy for Understanding
  • Generates Quick Report
  • Live exam testing pannel
  • Make strong communication to student
  • Handle large volume of concurrency
  • Handling numerous registration
  • Secure QP managenemt
  • Complete Security for question paper
  • Secure browser for high stake online exam
  • Live exam tracking
  • Instant Candidate audit
  • Complete locking for candidate funnel
  • Zero downtime in declaring result
  • Highly responsive application

Digital Exam Portfolio

Digital Exam
Digital Exam
Digital Exam
Digital Exam
Digital Exam
Digital Exam
Digital Exam
Digital Exam
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